Equipped with years of experience as a Color Consultant and Technician in the hair and beauty industry, Maree followed her dream and become a product developer bringing together her love of all things natural and her passion for color.


Maree has been able to blend this expertise and create a transformational color profiling system called, The Color Harmony Method . This method draws from traditional color theory, a variety of color analysis methods and years of research and practice in color consultancy. Maree has added a 7th category to the commonly taught 'tonal' approach to color analysis.
Many color professionals agreed with me that there was something missing, a missing link, I found it, and now it all makes sense .
My Color Harmony is a new approach to understanding your own best colors. and helping others see color in a new way.
The Color Harmony Method. Is a NEW way to see Color. My goal is helping women feel in-tune with their best colors and express their beauty with confidence. 


Please get in touch if you would like to know more about The Color Harmony Method
Maree xo