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The Color Harmony Method is the fruit born of my desire to create a system to demonstrate and describe the beautiful qualities of our unique color characteristics.

When it comes to describing color - words don't work!

My Color Harmony is a Method created to simplify the complexities of color profiling. After years of study, training and teaching about color I was frustrated because there has been a missing link. Some people just don't fit into any of the 6 tonal categories or 4 seasonal categories (there are now 12-16 seasonal categories, a complex maize that most color novices find mind boggling and confusing).

 I've spoken to many color consultants and stylists who agreed with me, "yes! something is missing."

How do you describe what's missing?

I was very motivated to describe the missing link because I fell into the no-mans land category. I was constantly asked by color consultants I was working with  "and what category are you Maree?" I would say "you tell me :)" 

Finally! One day I saw it and I named it. The Seventh category. Is FRESH!

Discover more about the 7 color harmony keys here...



I discovered the missing linkThe missing link the conventional color analysis understanding of 6 tonal categories was You belong to oSeven color keys unlock Seven beautiful color palettes. you  demonstrate   show and tell 

 are common in many of the products of today.

After years of researchproduct testing, and tireless efforts, Honeyrock grew into what it is today, a 

Equipped with years of experience as a Colour Consultant and Technician in the hair and beauty industry, Maree followed her dream and become a product developer bringing together her love of all things natural and her passion for colour, Maree has been able to blend this expertise and create a transformational experience; well-being beauty with Honeyrock products and colour confidence with The Colour Harmony Method - a new approach to understanding your own best colours.

Transform into the best and beautiful you; feeling assured that you're finally happy with an easy makeup routine that enhances your best features and confident to discover your own best colors;  

begin it all from a place of anticipation and possibility.